To provide exceptional professional services in supplying commercial-heavy duty vehicles and machinery, and civil engineering services to the African continent.


KUG strongly believes that each staff member, partner & external associate is "his brother's keeper" we are all responsible for one another. This is encouraged by our strong culture of teamwork through accountability. We know better than anyone that we are as strong as our weakest link, therefore our weakest link should be stronger than the competitions average.

KUG is driven by the desire to create and maintain progressive business relations with all relevant stakeholders in the automotive and construction industry. This is one of the pillars of our company as we believe that no enterprise is an island, collaboration is a key ingredient of achievement.

KUG is propelled on a daily basis by its commitment to being productive at all times as we are well aware that an enterprise without organizational efficiency & effectiveness cannot grow sustainably. We are constantly reviewing our methods & policies so that we can continuously find better ways to add value to our clients.

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